National Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Join the National Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders and be part of an association of astute reverse mortgage professionals who are committed to offering high quality service in line with the highest standards of best practices and work ethics. If you are reverse mortgage lender or related professional and you are committed to helping senior citizens of America fulfill their dreams for a comfortable retirement life then you have to be a registered member of the Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders today. 

We serve as an educational platform for members to achieve a number of mutual aims, policy advocating and as a national voice and center for reverse mortgage professionals all over the US. Our aims include increasing accurate reverse mortgage awareness and information and providing our members with tools and knowledge to help them discharge their duties to the best of their abilities.  

Our members enjoy a host of benefits. They enjoy increased exposure and a national recognition of being part of a truly vibrant well recognized association. We only take on well qualified members with spotless track records of providing efficient mortgage service. So our members see their membership as a matter of pride.  

Our members gain access to a number of our free tools such as a free listing in our directory of professionals, free weekly newsletter delivered via email and also a free association monthly magazine. They also can access our other paid for programs at discount rates. They can also implement our reverse mortgage calculator script on their web site. Our paid programs include training workshops and seminars as well as private consultation service all aimed to help the reverse mortgage professional improve on personal capacity building.  

The reverse mortgage industry is a very dynamic and competitive one. To compete favorably and remain relevant reverse mortgage practitioners needs all the resources they can get. The Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders provides the sum of those resources and more.

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