National Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Latest Projects

The Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders is regularly involved in projects to help improve members and facilitate their business organizations. Members of the association enjoy a number of benefits. They enjoy free listings on the online directory of recommended reverse mortgage professionals that is on the Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders website. Members get weekly newsletters to their email and are automatically subscribed to receive the association’s monthly magazine free. They also get discount invitation to seminars and training workshop that the association organizes. The association has a number of upcoming projects designed to further benefits its members.

Due to the introduction of the new reverse mortgage purchase loan scheme, the association is organizing a series of reverse mortgage free seminars for senior population. The seminars are to create awareness and educate seniors on the new HECM purchase loan program. These seminars will be organized in all the states for an even spread. The seminars will provide members with an excellent opportunity to meet new clients.

After the general discourse on the structure and benefits of a reversed mortgage, seniors who attend the free program will have an opportunity to meet with lenders individually. Members who are reverse mortgage lenders who register to be part of the program will be on hand to offer free one-on-one consultation with the seniors in attendance about how reverse mortgages work. This will offer them an opportunity to meet new clients.

Another project being organized by the Confederation of Reverse Mortgage Lenders is an intensive training workshop to be held in various zones of the country. The workshop is to train lenders, third-part agents on the structure of the newly introduced purchase reverse mortgage loans. This workshop is aimed at equipping lenders with skills to best meet the needs of consumers interested in the new scheme. They will learn how to counsel clients, apply for the various forms of the new purchase HECM purchase loans and calculate the various interest and agents fees associated with the new reverse mortgage purchase loan program. 

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